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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dease Lake School Photo Fund-raiser

Dease Lake School Portrait Day

On my way to a conference I stopped in at Dease Lake School to do student and family portraits, This was a great chance to do a fund-raiser for our little school in Lower Post and we grossed $2500.00 in the one day shoot. I met a lot of great students, staff and families. Thank you for your support.

This lovely family allowed me to use their image in our celebration of our success.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Autumn Colours-Red

Funny how one progresses in fits and starts... as I went through a dvd  of my camera that I had been meaning to watch for over a year.  I now know how to make the images internally s,m,l or Raw... this one is in small-normal and way faster to upload on my rural bandwidth.  I now know how to save my portraits as Raw+ fine jpg.  I wondered about shutter speed on water shots and now know how to adjust it. Last but not least I learned how to set the internal picture quality. This one is vivid. It is amazing what one can learn when taking the time to learn. I may be ready for a photography class but every day is a lesson for me as I explore my world and my passions.
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where Am I Going?

Rearview Sunrise...
Rear-view Mirror Sunrise
This week is back to school for teachers and students. I have planned the year with a lot of what I hope are engaging activities that will stimulate my student's growth. Whenever I make a plan I look at where I have been and where I want to go. I make a map and a plan. it is the same with my school... I need to reflect where I have been and where we need to go. I need a plan... a yearly plan... a unit plan.. a lesson plan... a weekly plan... a day plan... get the idea?  The outline of what will happen is driven by where I have been with the students. The plan will allow me to ask those essential questions that will drive the inquiry based experiential learning I believe so much in.  The plan map lays out the travel itinerary of places I want to see and things I want to do along the way. It doesn't limit me to only those places as the students may take me down another road.  Where ever we go a in our journey we will take time and enjoy the beauty along the way and celebrate each day of learning as we look ahead of what is still to come.

Mud Lake Sunrise